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Gramik(formerly known as AgriJunction) working to strengthen and transform rural communities through access of quality farm inputs, expert knowledge, technical innovations and livelihood, business skills for farmers, women and rural youth.

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Collective Cooperative Social commerce

In this model, Gramik provides a marketplace for rural businesses, including farm input companies, rural lending firms, cattle feed companies, aquafeed companies, farm equipment companies, etc, Gramik provides the necessary technology, and infrastructure, such as logistics, payment processing, demand generation, on-ground implementation, capacity building, training, and customer support, through our last mile partner "Peer Partner”.

Seeds & Fertilisers
Pesticides & Compost
Agricultural Tools
Plant Nursery & Nutrients
Forage & Animal Feeds
Credit & Crop Insurance
India's first Peer Commerce in Agritech
Gramik ENJOYS exclusive partnership with our peers (Kisan Mitra).
  • Become a Community Leader Micro-Entrepreneur.
  • Work From Home and Earn Upto 60,000 Per Month
  • Start Your Own Business Now With Zero Investment.
  • Regular Visual Content and Automated Trainings
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Addressing Bottleneck Across Agri B2B Supply Chain

Agri-input B2B e-commerce faces challenges due to limited access to technology and low awareness of e-commerce among rural businesses. Logistics and delivery in rural areas can also pose difficulties, making it hard for businesses to reach customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Gramik addresses these challenges by leveraging technology to help distributors and retailers liquidate slow-moving stock and increase their reach through our platform. Our R&D team uses data on crop patterns and regional dynamics to predict which products will be in demand in different areas and showcases them accordingly.

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Shape the future of Agri commerce & our Farmers, wherever you are!

Gramik is on a mission. We are rewriting the rules of the agriculture economy. We learn, try, and improve each day. We approach new initiatives with excitement, and we’re committed to success. If you believe in the power of commerce and thrive on problem solving at scale, we want you to join our team.

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